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Merger between MCCA and CTST

Joint statement from Lyndon Stevenson, CEO Community Transport Services Tasmania (CTST) and Kathryn Popowski, CEO Mersey Community Care Association (MCCA):

Tasmanian community services organisations Community Transport Services Tasmania (CTST) and Mersey Community Care Association (MCCA) are set to Merge.

Both organisations believe that joining together is the best way to achieve our shared vision and commitment to delivering high-quality services to our clients for them to live independently and well in their community.

We are delighted to announce this historic milestone. It is the culmination of many years collaboration and demonstrates our shared values and commitment to high-quality transport and support services in local communities across Tasmania.

CTST CEO Lyndon Stevenson said that they have undertaken a comprehensive process to confirm the merger is in the best interest of all and the partnership will be instrumental in growing and diversifying services and adapting to increasing demand in the community.

“In MCCA we have chosen a partner that shares our passion for supporting people to stay connected to their community, access critical services, and receive the support they need to live independently. I am confident that as one, we can leverage the services and experiences of both organisations and ensure a strong and successful future for our clients”.

Kathryn Popowski, MCCA CEO, said that CTST and MCCA have enjoyed working together for many years and this formal partnership will bring scale and increased capability to support their shared aims of reaching more people with important community services.

“Through a combined organisation, we will harness the dedication and expertise of our staff and volunteers, learn from each other, and create a solid foundation from which to support our existing and new clients into the future.”

The immediate focus of CTST and MCCA is on meaningful communication with our clients, staff, volunteers and stakeholders as we work through a detailed transition process until the organisations merge in around six months’ time.


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